FA: Well, I went to my phonebook in my house and I looked up “Cookie Mueller” in Manhattan. Her phone number was in the book. I grew up on Long Island. I don’t know why we had a Manhattan phone book. We just did. But there it was in the White Pages, and I called her. I said, “Hi, I just read John Waters’ book and do people call you all the time?” And she said, “No. You’re the first one.”
BLVR: Was she nice to you?
FA: Totally nice! I explained that I wanted to get John Waters’ address, and then she got my address, and she wrote his address on a postcard or something, and sent it with an autographed picture of herself! So then I wrote him my whole story.

The Believer Logger 

Cool story but I kind of wish Fred Armisen had entered into a mentoring correspondence with Cookie Mueller instead of/in addition to John Waters. I love that she sent an autographed picture of herself.