We got the protein bar recipe from here.  They lingered in the fridge for a while, I’ll be honest. But we definitely undercooked them.

I’m a big fan of both Chad and The Art Of Fielding and I recommend the book without reservation, even to people who are not fans of baseball or sports or college or whatever else the book is “about.”  As Chad says, it is a book about love.

And shopping for jeans, and protein powder, and an impromptu burial at sea, and having sex with your boyfriend’s best friend just to cheer him up.  But mostly love!

Also this is the last Cooking the Books, which is pretty sad.  I moved to a new apartment and the kitchen is too small to accommodate the camera crew.  Val and Andrew are heavenly angels for all their hours of hard work on this show.  We made memories we’ll cherish forever, and also $198.49 from  (Dinner’s on me, guys. Seriously. Let’s do it.  Let’s go out to dinner and spend exactly $198.49).


My best friend turned 30 today, and by way of celebrating I chose to mash all of her favorite things* into one large video…
So that’s how you get:
White Christmas
Auntie Mame
Star Trek
The Right Stuff
Three Coins in the Fountain
Nothing’s Gonna Stop us Now (Love theme from Mannequin) by Starship 
Coming to America
Ignition (the remix) by R. Kelly
in one video.


*or, at least the ones off the top of my head.

This is … the best birthday present anyone has ever given or received?  Also happy birthday Val! 

New Cooking the Books, starring Anna Jane Grossman, a LOT of popcorn, and Val Temple deserving some sort of Internet Oscar for editing.  I hope you guys appreciate our attempts to make the lighting and sound less terrible.   We couldn’t do anything about me having a bad cold that makes me sound like I am going through puberty, however.  Even in this glorious future we still do not have that technology.