The fasting body is a body made of telephone wires; messages spark and are extinguished. The lusting body is something totally different, overwhelmed by the physical realness of signals, their pulpy, fleshy undeniability. Thinspo girls are never #sexy. Most of the time they are #lovely, a word that elides those voluptuous esses and exes in favor of a flickering, liquid ell.

The Bookbat: —inspiration 

on the aesthetics of thinspo.  I don’t know much of anything about this person and I forget what originally led me to her (her?) blog. I’m glad something did because, holy shit, what a good writer. 

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  8. unbornwhiskey said: this is great, and it helps. i dated someone who used to voraciously read thinspo livejournals, and i don’t think i was as good to or understanding of that person as i could have been.
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