There’s something gross about these people openly admitting that, while they could just fund the film with their own money, they’ll happily take yours and consider that to constitute an “intimate relationship.”

I’m getting closer to figuring out what I find irksome about famous people using Kickstarter!  Still not quite there!

In other news, future famous person Kat Hunt’s Kickstarter for her film What’s Revenge is wonderful.

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  4. dealfatigue said: Emily: the nature of being a successful filmmaker requires OPM (other people’s money)
  5. clawrissa said: well said. also woah, outrageous comment on the article
  6. notveryraven said: oh my god yes. I get so mad at Kickstarter in a way that is probably not healthy BUT THAT’S ANOTHER POST
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  9. conorebbs said: I enjoyed the article, and your friend’s documentary looks great. I’ve pledged and hope many more do.
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