roles in Jesus Christ Superstar in the order I would like to play them on Broadway

1. JUDAS!!!!!

2. Jesus

3. Simon Zealotes

4. Pilate

5. Herod

6. Caiaphus

7. Annas

8. Peter

9. any apostle

8. chick who forces Peter to deny Jesus

9. ensemble

10. Mary Magdalene

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    Judas’ lines are the best. “What if I just stayed here and ruined your ambition? CHRIST YOU DESERVE ITTTT!!”
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    Solid. Signed, “guy who played Annas.”
  3. notveryraven said: HEROD OR BUST IMO.
  4. jaygabler said: Judas gets the best line: “Oh, Jesus Christ!”
  5. misterhippity said: I played Annas in a summerstock production many years ago. My friend who played Judas used to call me “Anus” during rehearsals to try to crack me up on stage. “Anus you’re my friend, a worldy man and wise …”
  6. yrfriendliz said: I mean we can talk about this but yeah JUDAS is #1 HANDS DOWN. I put mary top 3 so I can scream “I NEVER THOUGHT I’D COME TO THISSSSS” and then you know probably Herrod, Simon Zealotes, etc. Jesus is way lower for me.
  7. popularfavorites said: COOL LISTICLE.
  8. growltiger said: Martha! Martha forces Peter to deny Judas.
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