Pagan Depot

  • me: the maypole is a disgusting thing
  • Bennett: it's a big ween, right?
  • when i was little i always thought may day seemed like the FUNNEST seeming holiday and thought it sucked that no one celebrated it
  • -- a very gay child
  • me: it does seem fun
  • but yeah, it celebrates the symbolic union of the sky god's giant ween and the earth's huge capacious vagina
  • and the streamers are jizz
  • (I follow a tumblr called Pagan Depot)
  • (which I always like to imagine as this wonderful store)
  • Bennett: lol
  • with clerks in bright orange vest thingies that are sort of flowy and tuniclike
  • me: batik, maybe, but yes, still orange
  • "I'm looking for a large glass orb, and some ground vervain?"
  • "that's in aisle 7"

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